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Strategy & Proposition

Ask yourself:

Why would anybody buy your product? And why would they buy it from you?

At Telematics Partners, we believe that the development of any proposition should start with these two questions. With over two decades of experience building Internet & digital products and services, we’ve taken product concepts from feasibility through to design, delivery and launch, and grow onwards to being successful volume operations. Including products based upon telematics for application in the insurance industry.

Our Strategy & Proposition package can help the people mandated to develop your telematics line of business to be equipped with independent telematics-industry expertise and guidance through the following organisational and products hurdles:

► Product & commercial strategy
► Competitive and environmental review
► Market positioning and pricing strategies
► Business case preparation; forecasts, costs & revenues
► Cross-functional organisational alignment
► Executive & board-level briefings
► Sales & marketing strategy


Pre-sales Engagement

Do you need to accelerate the sales activity in your telematics line of business?

At Telematics Partners we recognise that selling telematics to your insurance sector clients requires specialist skills which can often require difficult-to-justify, sizable investment in skills acquisition, training and retention, especially in an area that is developing and evolving as rapidly as this. And this is one of the areas in which we believe we can offer invaluable help. Our Pre-sales Engagement package allows you to choose to deploy our telematics sales and business development skills when required, and at the right times in the sales cycle. We have a proven track-record in specialist solution sales and business development and can provide valuable help with the following pre-sales activities in your organisation:

► Sales & marketing tactic development & execution
► Pipeline management/measurement & reporting
► Review and improve sales effectiveness & training
► Delivery of client presentations
► Client relationship management to CXO and board-level
► Contract closure strategies and deal-making
► Collateral strategies and review


Project Engagement

Closing a contract with a client is the end of the beginning. You now have to deliver. And Telematics Partners has the ability to help. We know how telematics delivery projects work, and we know what it takes for them to be successful.

Our Post-sales Engagement package is not designed to replace your delivery programme director or project manager, but to equip them with advice, techniques and language that can help bring all the involved actors onto the same page and working in harmony. It is designed to help with the following aspects of the telematics delivery project

► Kick-off workshops and high-level planning
► Cross-functional (and external) organisational alignment
► Subject-matter expertise “temperature-checking” of project workstreams: commercial, technical, operational
► Executive & board level briefing & reporting
► Operational impact assessments & training
► Project steering and launch committee representation


RFI/RFP Creation

If your business is about to embark on an initial market evaluation (e.f. RFI) or more formal procurement (RFP/Q) exercise then you can be sure that our expertise  at Telematics Partners will be extremely valuable to you.

Our considerable experience running such exercises ourselves for several different businesses means that we can help your evaluation teams shorten the time-to-completion of the activities through the following contributions in our RFI/RFP Creation package:

► Long-list selection from appropriate and credible targets in the insurance telematics ecosystem
► Framework and template questions for telematics RFI and RFPs
► Independently-founded weighting and objective scoring system, or audit/operation of your own
► Executive & board level briefing & reporting
► Independent and objective assistance in steering short-listing and supplier selection
► Assistance dealing with procurement teams through conditioned purchase, re-pricing rounds or e-auctions


RFI/RFP Response

On the other hand, if your business is on the receiving end of an RFI or RFP/Q, or you’re simply getting yourself prepared to handle them when they come then our RFI/RFP Response package is designed to assist your bid team deliver the best possible response.

Telematics Partners has a track-record in helping respond successfully to client requirements, and we pride ourselves on being able to guide response production through to maximum impact with the client, through our innovative approach to client relationships, specialist industry knowledge and our intimate understanding of the insurance telematics ecosystem and the needs of insurers and end-customers.

This package aims to help with the following:

► Analysis for classification and allocation of RFP questions to business teams to action
► Content collection and editorial control of bid response
► Independent proofing/styling of  content fragments
► Support for commercial and pricing approvals
► Assistance in promotion/evangelism of the project across the business
► Deal-making expertise where bid requires third-party commercial collaboration


Advisory Services

If the assistance that you require doesn’t quite fit the shape of any of our standard packages, or you require strategic or tactical assistance and business advice related to the insurance telematics industry at either project level or executive levels within your business then please contact us to discuss so that we can scope out a more bespoke package.  Some examples of activities that could fall into the scope of our Advisory Service package:

► Intermediary for path-finding, collaboration or deal-making with external third-parties
► Specific market research and/or analysis
► Strategic internal or external event facilitation
► Regulatory, government or public-policy lobbying or influencing activities
► Executive mentoring and/or bespoke telematics training for teams in you organisation

Term contracts

We are also able to provide general and specialist insurance sector and telematics skills in the form of term  contracts of 3, 6 or 12 months to supply skills in the following areas:

► Proposition development
► Product management and marketing
► Business development & sales
► Delivery project management
► Operations & training

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